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Softball for girls age 4 through 18 is available through the AOYL. The League requires face masks on batting helmets and suggest face masks in the field for softball players. Click here to learn more.

AOYL strongly encourages healthy, age appropriate competition. However, this can only be reached through the principles of Good Sportsmanship. The AOYL’s strict policy regarding player, coach, parent, and fan conduct is as follows:

Parents and Coaches; always remember you are direct role models to the players. Players will emulate your behavior. The policy applies to anyone and everyone connected with the league, e.g. players, coaches, parents, fans and umpires.

The Guiding Principle
An umpire’s decision on fair/foul, safe/out and ball/strike is final. They are judgment calls and not subject to complaint, debate or protest.

A coach may ask for “time-out” to speak with the umpire regarding a question over a rule interpretation. A brief, respectful conversation is expected. If the situation remains unresolved, the team may exercise its right to play the game under protest based on the incorrect rulebook interpretation.

Arguments or comment in a negative fashion shall immediately be ejected from the game. 
The ejection carries a one game suspension. In addition, the coach must attend a hearing in front of the CGSL Board before resuming coaching duties. The length of the suspension may be extended as a result of the facts presented at the hearing.

Any player who argues or engages in negative behavior shall be immediately ejected from the game. 
The player must serve a one game suspension. Players will be confined to their bench area for the remainder of the game and any additional outbursts will result in a forfeit.

Parents / Fans who argue or engage in negative behavior (yelling, teasing, taunting, etc.) shall be removed from the playing area. 
Play will stop while this process is carried out. However, the time limit for the game will NOT be suspended. The coach or both coaches will ask the parent or fan to leave the area. If the parent or fan refuses to leave within one minute, the game will end with a forfeit charged against the offending team.

All Participants Any argument or disagreement that becomes physical, in any way, will result in an immediate, indefinite suspension for any adult involved.

Players involved in any physical misconduct will be subject to a hearing with the AOYL Board and the player’s parent. It is not permitted to represent the AOYL Board in any way either internal or external to the League.